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Pevali is a multinational company founded by Peter Lund, a Danish national who has been in the industry for over 30 years. Our team consists of dedicated, dynamic industry professionals from Europe, India, Australia and Asian countries with our head office strategically located in Indonesia. We source products from all over Asia.

We are your one-stop solution for sourcing and quality assurance. We cater to apparel wholesalers and retailers in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia. We manage the execution of your orders from conception to delivery in all product categories at competitive prices.

Our professional team of expatriates guarantee that your experience is highly efficient and will help minimize the communication problems that customers often experience in Asia. Our product development team will keep you informed of new trends in materials and designs to help you stay competitive in your marketplace.

We also offer consultancy and project services for all areas of the industry. We specialize in product sourcing, quality assurance, operations, supply chain and management. We can help you optimize your business.

Pevali About Us

Pevali will guarantee you the highest level of value and satisfaction through a hands-on management approach and personalized services. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products on time and to perfection within social and chemical compliance. All in co-operation with our extensive global network of affiliates including mills, factories and consultants.

Our Services

You can choose from a range of our services, and
we can of course also accommodate individual


Good merchandising is the key to a successful execution of a customer’s request, and Pevali can help your company get ahead of the competition by handling your sourcing and manufacturing of high quality garments and accessories in all product categories in Asia at competitive prices.

We can offer you tailor made sourcing solutions according to your needs, conducted by our highly experienced product developers and merchandisers. With their in-depth knowledge of market trends and our carefully selected affiliated mills and factories, they will handle the entire process from conception to delivery of your products to ensure your high standards and time schedules are met.

Our product developers can assist you in the development of your collections. They are always on the lookout for the best fabrics, materials, accessories and new ideas from the world’s fashion hot spots in order to make your collections impressive, fashion forward and cost effective.

With our below list of comprehensive services, we can continuously help you to bring the right products to your market place at the right time season-over-season.

  • Vendor selection
  • Product development
  • Fabric, material and accessories sourcing
  • Testing of materials and garments for physical and chemical parameters
  • Prototype and salesman sample development
  • Coordination of approval samples
  • Price preparation and negotiation
  • Order placement and follow-up
  • Delivery follow-up
  • Shipment coordination and document control
  • Performance controlling of vendors

Quality Assurance

Quality is the root of all good business; it reinforces a strong
brand in the marketplace, encourages customer loyalty and
ensures the viability of a business.

Even when you have robust quality assurance systems in
place to ensure high standards, it is still important to assess
the quality and safety of your products at pre-production
stage, during production and prior to shipment.

Pevali can offer you a strict monitoring process of your
products conducted by our highly experienced technicians
and quality controllers with in-depth knowledge of the latest technology
and inspection techniques, and who are involved in all steps of the production

We will monitor and control the entire process from production preparation to final inspection
and document check on-site, to ensure that the final presentation of your goods is meeting the
highest quality standards.

Our below listed services enable you to operate in a sustainable manner by improving quality
and productivity, reducing risk, verifying compliance and increasing speed to market. They can
be used as a one-off service or form part of broader quality assurance, quality improvement or
risk assessment program that is tailored according to your specific needs.

  • Fabric and material inspection
  • Fabric and material testing
  • Pattern check
  • Proto-type inspection
  • Salesman sample inspection
  • Size set inspection
  • Pre-production coordination
  • In-line inspections (AQL Inspection Standards)
  • Final inspections (AQL Inspection Standards)
  • Packaging inspections
  • Export document inspections


Pevali offers consultancy and project management services to new and existing companies. We help them optimize their business by improving processes and solving problems with innovative effective solutions.

We advise small, medium and large businesses effectively, because we know the different requirements to maintain a successful profitable business in the industry.

The high level of experience and specific industry knowledge of our consultants are the basis for successful completion of assignments and project management. Our dynamic consultants will be actively involved in the assignment or project to help you to focus on your core business.

We will carefully do an analysis of your business processes and systems according to your assignment. Based on this, we will offer and help you to implement a solution package that can successfully meet the needs of your business and future challenges.

Our core areas of expertise are:

Sourcing & Merchandising

  • Vendor selection & management
  • Procurement guidelines
  • Performance optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Price calculation
  • Planning
  • Training

Social Compliance

  • Compliance guidelines
  • Inspection & Auditing
  • Training

Quality Assurance

  • Quality guidelines
  • Chemical compliance
  • Workmanship standardization
  • Inspection systems & guidelines
  • Pattern & fit optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Training

General Management & Organization

  • Organizational Set-up
  • Job profiles & descriptions
  • Recruitment

Social Compliance

We believe in doing what is right in our industry, in our community and our world. This includes conducting our business in a socially responsible manner by always looking for ways to protect workers rights and ensuring safe, healthy and humane labour conditions.

All of our affiliated factories abide to legal requirements, specifically in the areas of child labour, forced labour, disciplinary practices, working hours, wages and benefits, freedom of association, discrimination and health & safety. They operate with highly ethical standards and are regularly audited by accredited social compliance auditors to ensure their compliance

Chemical Compliance

Consumers and authorities all over the world have, for the last few years, become increasingly sensitive to the issue of product safety and health issues associated with chemicals and substances used in consumer products.

At Pevali, we understand the importance of the issue and have taken steps to ensure a consistent adherence to the legal requirements in the countries where our customers are operating.

Our Team works with the complete supply chain to inform, educate and regulate the production process to ensure that all products shipped to our customers do not contain any banned substances.


Indonesia’s vast diverse textile & garment industry makes it possible to produce all product groups for women, men and children.

  • Outerwear jackets including down
  • Fleece
  • Sweat shirts, polos & t-shirts
  • Shirts, blouses & light wovens
  • Pants, shorts & denims
  • Cotton & cotton mix sweaters
  • Sportswear

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We have the passion to create, the know-how to source and the ability to produce your products.

We are happy to answer any queries and aim to respond within one working day.

“Let Pevali be your one-stop apparel solution to guaranteed success!”

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